Group show at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA), “The Sky’s the Limit”, October 21, 2023 through February 25, 2024

One person show at the Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX, November, 2023

One person show at the Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, DC

Published the book: Humanity’s End as a New Beginning, 2021, Leporell publisher

Conjunction with this book I and Mineke Schipper had exhibition at the Cobra Museum in the Netherlands, MPA, VA., Leiden University in the Netherlands and the Museum of Haus Kasuya, Japan

Artist’s residency at the Art Space, Barcelona, Spain and exhibition in 2017

One person show at Howard Scott Gallery, NYC in 2016

Show at the Adamson Gallery in Washington, DC from April to June 2014.

Exhibition to celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in 2013.

Permanent installation of “Wonder of Wonders” at the Washington Dulles International Airport on March 5, 2013.

“Web of Life” class at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen, Colorado in July of 2013.

Group show at Rivera & Rivera in Los Angeles, CA in October 2011.

Show at the Howard Scott Gallery in New York, New York in September 2011.

Jentel Artist Residency for Summer 2010.

One person exhibit at Towson University’s Asian Art Gallery in Towson, Maryland from September to December 2010.

One person show at the Don Soker Gallery in San Francisco, California in March 2011.

Awarded with The Rockefeller Foundation’s fellowship for artist residency at the Bellagio Center in Italy.

Group show at Irvin Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C. from February 13th to March 20th.

Participation in NY Art Pulse from March 4th through 7th at Koplin Del Rio Booth.